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Track business goals execution, boost employee engagement and productivity, drive job clarity, ease performance evaluation and stay in control without the demerits of micro managing.


Boost productivity by empowering staff skill set through self-paced continuous training. Help staff confidence and provide learning opportunities to your staff. Automated assessment and evaluation, progress tracking and certification


Developed to assist organisations conduct tests for applicants or existing employees as a means of assessment for job promotion. Timed tests and variable test conditions for different test types - multiple choice tests, short answer assessments, etc.

e-Learning platform

Intended for schools and educational institutions. learning support and complementary lessons with electronic teaching/learning aids.


Digitally aided judicial system intended for courts. Lawyers can file and monitor cases remotely. The general public can apply for affidavits and pay for it electronically. Payment collections are collected and seamlessly reconciled electronically. Judges can review cases and record judgements. Probate registry records can be electronically managed, etc.


Designed to support churches manage their records with ease. Membership records, financial records, attendance history and details, messages, outreaches, electronically receive offerings from remote givers, seek international ministerial and missions support and collaboration, etc.

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