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You can achieve more at work and enhance productivity. Improve efficiency, reduce manual tasks and create more time for strategy sessions and business growth

The Purpose

CollatePro is built to be your loyal data manager and record keeper

You can:

Receive payment for your services from multiple payment collection channels.

Automate most of the manual processes in your business.

Capture details of your assets, inventory, staff and customers seamlessly.

Generate insightful reports at the click on a button or two.

Visualize important figures about your business at your finger tips.


CollatePro is built to remove the hassles of record management from your business and so we have carefully added features that will guarantee you benefit greatly from the system

payment collection channels
In terms if payment collection

CollatePro makes it easy to:

Get paid by your customers through multi-channel payment collection platform

Receive payments round the clock and give value to your customers without having to be physically present

View payment history and details of collection from each customer

View payment collection aggregates on different periods in different presentation formats

Track and resolve disputes with payments with ease where any

Provide your customers the uncommon opportunity to pay in convenint installments and get value while you get paid in full instantly by our financial partners

payment collection channels
For business data, insight reports

You will easily:

Capture and view data and metrics on all your physical assets including the location, custodian, purchase value, current value, usage, etc.

Remain updated on inventory items such as quantity in stock, usage, consumption rate, etc. Get notified on depletion to a given stock level

Establish and maintain customers and staff records.

View transaction patterns and other data to guide strategic business decisions

Track records acquired for given events such as trade shows, industry organised events, attendance, payments and other related data to events in the organisation

process automation relief
Process Automation Relief

Automated process give you

more accurate results faster. That's efficiency

Reduces human error to the barest minimum

Gets work done in shorter time

Makes work appear less boring and tasking to the staff

Enhances a more efficient supervision.


CollatePro is built with modern technology that make work easier.

  • It is cloud based application. This means it can be accessed round the clock from any location.
  • It is highly secure. Only authenticated users can use the application. Each user is allowed access to only the features he/she is authorised to access
  • User interface is very intuitive. Users need little or no training to use the application. Anybody that can use a smart phone can handle any aspect of the application
  • Mobile experience is pleasant. It can be conveniently used on mobile devices
  • The application is modularized. Therefore, you can use only the modules that apply to your business and the other modules will not interfere
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Success is pleasant to everyone

It is a win-win-win solution for you, your customers and us.

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Special Processes

We provide specialized solutions for different industries. We also customize the solution to cater for the uniqueness of your business objectives.
Here are a few of the specialized businesses types we have taken into consideration


Schools business normally involves major activities like processing of academic records and generation of academic reports, different fee payments and debtors records, staff and timetable activities, communication with parents, etc

We therefore provide automation of such processes as fee collection and reporting, result processing, report card generation and printing, time attendance capturing, timetable scheduling, messaging and communication systems.
We also provide financial support for the parents through which we assist them with paying school fees in time while they take their time and pay back to us at their convenient installments. Therefore, giving you liquidity and a better relationship with the parents.

We will work with you to customize the solution to suit the objectives of your own business.


For trading stores, we consider that your business has a lot to do with getting customer loyalty and making it easy for customers to pay for the goods and services they get from your store. You also have to do a lot with stock inventory, vendor and at some other times, retailers who might take goods on "sale or return" basis.

We therefore provide efficient system for capturing and generating such reports as sales records and integrated reports, stock inventory, customer records, collection of payment via multiple channels, vendors and retailers records.
We also specifically provide a system to enable you customers buy more by letting them buy on credit and we pay you instantly for their purchases. Therefore, giving more return patronage and customer loyalty

We will work with you to customize the solution to suit the objectives of your own business.

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